TeaDrinkers’ CommuniTea Ethics

Dear Fellow TeaDrinkers,

When joining together around the TPot, we are entering a BraveSpace with a community of folks who are taking a moment to enjoy each other’s company. There is no need for formal participation, we are happy to have you here in whatever way is most meaningful and comfortable for you. However, If you do decide to join the conversation, we ask that you respect these guidelines:

  • There are lots of ways to love tea. Milk/No-milk, herbal/caff, smallcup/bigcup, hot/cold, etc. All community members have the right to drink tea, and otherwise chose how to live their lives, in whatever way best fits their lifestyle and values (as long as this does not cause harm to others). While at the TPot,  name-calling, belittling, or other forms of shaming will not be tolerated. 
  • Sometimes difficult topics come up when sitting with a friend over tea. This is OK, even good. Please take the time to reflect on your boundaries and decide what you are comfortable sharing. We ask that you not use anyone’s last name, address, or other personal identifying information in the information you share. This is not only for safety purposes, but also because it can distract from connection by creating false feelings of separation – and often descends into gossip.
  • When sharing a pot of tea, we are offered a precious moment to take a breath and connect with those in front of us. The intention here is to reflect and connect. If you find the intention of your comment is to confront and correct, take a step back before you hit enter. It’s likely you are being challenged to see a topic in a new and important way. Always assume the best intention in others and only speak on behalf of your own experiences. We are not the experts in others’ lives or for how others should live.

We are humans, and as humans we make mistakes. Sometimes we approach the pot of tea with great hopes only to have our mouths surprisingly burnt to heck. When this happens to me, I can get pretty cranky. If this happens to you and you make a less-than-thoughtful comment in reaction to feeling burnt, we invite you to reflect on the experience, and encourage you to acknowledge the hurt and seek resolution with your fellow TeaDrinkers. Likewise, if you find yourself offended by a comment, we invite you to reflect, assume your fellow TeaDrinker’s best intentions, and encourage you to follow-up for resolution. Often, asking clarification questions like – I’m not sure what you mean, or I found myself feeling hurt by this comment, can you explain x a little more? – can go a long way in helping to create resolution.

If however, you regularly ignore our community rules and your comments are causing harm, we will unfortunately un-invite you from future TeaParties. TeaDrinkers can report rude, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate commenters to us so that we can take the appropriate actions. 

We’re looking forward to TeaTime with you. 🙂

Love, Alex and Ellen


One thought on “TeaDrinkers’ CommuniTea Ethics

  1. I really love the tea time concept! I think it is brilliant! “The intention here is to reflect and connect.” Yessssss, I seek this, because I need it! I think the world-our society and individuals would benefit and take away from more blogs like this, especially in this fast paced, hustle and bustle craziness of life the world has evolved to. I appreciate having a positive seeking, self-enlightening and soul enriching outlet, where I can make the time to come to a halt and be encouraged to reflect and enjoy the experiences and connections we each have with other fellow human beings. I think that as humans we are given somewhat of an innate responsibility to partake in a perpetual path towards enlightenment with one another, because human beings and the world we coexist in can be utterly complex, confusing, beautiful, difficult and even daunting all at the same time, especially when it seems we are venturing it on our own. I have discovered that by embracing our experiences and sharing it with others, (the good and bad) it does indeed open up ourselves to immense vulnerability, but it is within those challenging vulnerabilities that we are then given the room to grow as individuals and/or as a society, it may not be in perfection, but towards a better direction than where we were before that develops compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others-which can be valuable by granting us further growth and happiness within our very own lives. Thank you ladies for allowing such a place where one can be safe and open to do so. I look forward to reflecting and connecting with you and many others! P.S: From time to time I enjoy lemon with my tea. 🙂


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