On balancing expectations


As a follow-up, since recording this I’ve found a few great solutions to routine out-of-the house “to dos:” 1) switched to a local pharmacy that delivers to my house; 2) found a produce delivery service to help minimize stress of grocery trips (which largely falls to my significant other, due to the highly physical nature of grocery shopping – WHY do they make stores so large??); 3) reached out to a few friends to help me once or twice a month run errands by driving me and helping to carry things and/or provide balance and walking support when I need it. Next up to work on new adaptations for: laundry and dishes! I’ve also reassessed my current abilities and expectations, and have adjusted my out of the house commitments to match, such that I only have 1 out of the house appointment per week in order to try to minimize the amount of rescheduling I do as a result of pushing to do too much and then crashing. It is an ongoing process of trial and error!



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